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ULISS, the future’s cockpit

ULISS is a research project funded by the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) aiming to design, prototype and certify an innovative cockpit for business aircraft. The purpose is to design a new visualization, interaction and collaboration environment enabling the crew to carry out operational work under optimal conditions while considering the spatial constraints of new cockpits. This international program involves the Japanese YOKOGAWA (screen technologies) that provides technical elements disrupting the existing one.


In this context, Immersion works on the topics of visualization and interaction with digital data required for flying. To this end, the research team must submit innovative solutions allowing to set up the digital environments in a flexible way to Thalès. Immersion’s mission is to develop software and hardware elements in order to build various displays and touch interactive solutions.

Information sheet

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start: December 2016
  • Funding:  DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority)


  • Thalès Avionics SAS
  • Bertin Ergonomie
  • Immersion

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