Do you have a project to accompany or train remote operators? And you think that augmented or mixed reality could be a relevant solution for: solving problems in real time, limiting the travel of your experts, saving time during interventions…

Faced with the multitude of existing solutions, you may be overwhelmed and don’t know how to tackle the problem.

What will you find in this white paper on mixed reality ?

  • History and definition of mixed reality
  • Teleportation in mixed reality
  • Applications of mixed reality
  • Always more
  • This is not an advertisement

What you won’t find in this white paper

This white paper deliberately does not present commercial solutions. It is not intended to steer you towards one solution at the expense of another. It is not a comparison, but its ambition is to give you the keys to a good understanding of the subject and to make you want, who knows, to exchange with one of our experts to accompany you in your project.

You can download the free white paper written by our expert on this subject.