Company Manifesto Let's talk about technology. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, collaborative tools.

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No, even better…

Let’s talk about discovering something for the first time.

Discovering unknown lands. What does it feel like to be on unexplored territory?  Do you feel fear? Excitement? Impatient? Being a pioneer is about deciding which path to take first. It is a winding and bumpy path with many hurdles. For Immersion, research and development is like a quest. Exploring is about always staying one step ahead.

Let's talk about childhood.

New experiences, sore knees, muddy clothes and discovering new things. Insatiable curiosity. A desire that pushes us to discover what is next, wants to know why, and what happens if…What if? Questions. So many questions asked with disconcerting spontaneity. Their eyes light up with every answer. In wonderment. We provide solutions that will reinvent your space and your perception of work. Rediscover this wonderment with our solutions.

Let's talk about people

About the vital need to be connected to each other. It is in our instinct to communicate, to interact and to share. Share ideas, doubts, or experiences. Fulfilment is collective. Our technologies focus on people. Their needs, their working methods, and their perception.

Why create boundaries between the imaginary and the real? There will always be a crazy person who will push the limits to make them disappear. This person rides around in the air on hoverboards, builds space stations, replaces failing human hearts with artificial ones.

We are that crazy person.

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Immersion is captivating

And since you cannot simply watch, dive in!

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