Immersion recently sold to DTIM (Department of Information Processing and Modeling) and DCPS (Design Department and Evaluation Systems Performance) in ONERA Palaiseau, a system of 8 tracking cameras Optitrack. They allow to optimize the positioning of the UAV relative to each other. These cameras have a high-speed track with excellent accuracy average catch volumes while having an optimal image quality.

Specifications :

  • Prime 13

Resolution : 1,3 MP (1280×1024)

Frame rate : 240 FPSHorizontal FOV : 42° et 56 °

  • Prime 13 w

Resolution : 1,3 MP (1280×1024)

Frame rate : 240 FPSHorizontal FOV : 82 °    

For what purpose?

“The system will be used for development aid algorithms of control and guidance of autonomous vehicles. In the development phase, the system substitutes itself the image processing algorithms developed by DTIM by supplying precise and reliable measures of position and orientation. One can thus validate the control chain regardless algorithms of artificial vision. Secondly, we will use the system to develop a security tool of the automatic flights based vision by ensuring that the drone respects a domain of precise flight.” Martial Sanfourche, Ingénieur de recherche Traitement d’images/Vision par ordinateur  – ONERA