Approach & methodology A distinct method. A human approach. Technological equipment. A solution where Man and Machine collaborate.

Des collègues devant un tableau tactile
Discussion sur un projet

You have a project, a goal, and think virtual or augmented reality could be the solution. We have the expertise and the imagination to bring it to life.

How? To achieve this, a wide range of complementary skills are combined: human factors, cognitive sciences, IT, UI/UX design, architecture, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), industrial mechanics, etc. Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary approach.

Strong relationships
with clients

Discussion and observation

The first stage is about understanding the user and their needs. For this, we talk about your industry, observe, and analyse your working methods. Our aim at this stage is to identify any user-centric problems in order to provide you with a value-added solution. Above all, our discussions are human-centred.

All factors are considered

Our approach is multidisciplinary and holistic. Our goal is to create the right solution. One that meets your specific needs. This is why Immersion focuses on user experience.

Our expertise and solutions go beyond installing innovative technology. The core of what we do is centred around cognitive sciences. We ask ourselves questions such as:  How will our solutions be used? How are the users affectively and cognitively engaged? How will this particular interface help its user? What new knowledge or capabilities will the user gain from this interface?

When we develop our solutions people are our guide. The experience is our solution

Clear communication

During the early stages of the design process, we use sketches to confirm that we are on the right track, or whether adjustments need to be made. We use these drawings to help you visualise and understand the proposed solution. They are also used to validate the project and draft the specifications.

Présentation d'un projet
Travail en binôme sur une tablette graphique

Making your
project a reality

It is time to enter the detailed design phase. Technical information. 2D plans. 3D models.

Test. Adjust. Repeat. We will continue to fine-tune the design until we have found the right solution.

Next, the project moves into the implementation phase. Step by step, the concept will materialise before your very eyes. But the project does not end here.

Travail en binôme sur une tablette graphique
Un assemblage de matières à la main

Linking the human
and the machine

Ready. Get set. Immerse.

Collègues qui analysent une projection

Our solution is in place. It is time for you to get to grips with the new tools and software. Not only will we provide you with the necessary technical training, but we will also help you adapt to working with this technology.

How? Practise makes perfect! Our training is focused on your needs and designed to explore all the main functions that you will require in your daily work. We believe in learning through doing. Your teams will therefore be trained in working with the technology, by putting them in the situation and using it for its intended use. After being shown the advantages, your team will not want to go back to working without it. We also supply documentation (tutorials, guides, and practical information sheets) to complement the training.

Go further. We offer the possibility to extend your training and provide continued support beyond the initial implementation training. Become an expert to fully understand and explore the solution’s full potential. Master all the possibilities.

Care and maintenance

Equipment maintenance

Our solutions come with a warranty period. In addition, we offer corrective or preventive maintenance contracts. To ensure the quality of our after-sales service, any problems are managed by the same technicians who are responsible for the installation of our solutions. Our teams can react quickly and efficiently should you encounter any technical problems. Based in Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes and Aix-en-Provence, our teams operate throughout France, and internationally. Each intervention is only finished once the client is completely satisfied. This is why many major groups have already placed their trust in us.

Customer relations

How have our solutions helped? How is our equipment being used? Your feedback allows us to continually improve our methods and our solutions from one project to the next. Staying connected helps us evolve.

Years go by. The solution has become the new way of working. But your needs have changed. This means that the time has come to adapt the installation to meet your new needs. And since we created the solution, we know how to best adapt it.