Solutions Bridge the gap between two realms
and discover a new way of working

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We create immersive and collaborative workspaces. We materialise ideas. We explore paths. We will take you to a world beyond your imagination.

Think beyond a wall of touch screens. Beyond a virtual reality room. Beyond installing products, software, or applications. Reinvent the space, create an experience.

We provide more than solutions. We reinvent spaces, we create experiences.

Tailor made



Make your workspaces more stimilating explore our solutions.

Invent the

We are experts in virtual and augmented reality. We are also space designers and user interface designers. But our primary goal is to be catalysts of innovation.
We are solutions architects.

Can I…?
What if we…?
How can I…?

Sometimes the solution already exists, and it just needs to be adapted to your project. And sometimes it does not exist, in which case a new solution will need to be developed.
Our multidisciplinary team will research, develop, and innovate a solution.
How? We have patented products and unique technologies at our disposal. The way we combine them allows us to adapt to every need, every project, and every dream.

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the work

Our starting point is not a headset, a touch table, or a piece of software, it is the workspace. It is the space in which your employees work. We optimise how workspaces are used. We improve the ergonomics (screen height, headset storage area, adapted lighting, etc.) and the overall design aspects (furniture, floors, walls etc.). Our architects are here to advise you.

A number of technical solutions are available to transform this space. Here’s a glimpse of what we can do.

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Equipment Immersion selects, invents, and patents innovative technological products.

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Headsets and mobile immersive technology tools.



Complex immersive systems…

such as VR caves, for total immersion.

Photo cave immersion


with engaging and intuitive touch tables, and large-scale image walls.


Next, we move onto the phase where your idea becomes a reality.
Our integrators install and configure the equipment and train you on how to use it.

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Immersion develops its own software or brings in partners to create tailor-made solutions.

Table immersion
Interaction et visualisation

Interaction and visualisation

Do not just project images, interact within a virtual universe using for example 3D or a digital twin.

Logiciel shariiing


Evolve in a digital playground. Share your thoughts and concerns. This software, developed by Immersion’s Research & Development department, gives collaboration a whole new meaning.

Discover shariiing


Free your hands, get involved. Immersion develops mixed reality applications that blur the line between what is virtual and what is real.

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Experience the power of wonder

We are rethinking the work of tomorrow. Our solutions go beyond improving performance, working faster, and gaining efficiency… they encourage collaboration and create a feeling of pride amongst your employees. This is the power of wonder.

To meet your needs, we will explore possibilities that go beyond your imagination. Maybe you have an idea? We can take it to another level.

How? Through research. With our turnkey solutions. By bringing the human-machine interface to life.

Discover how virtual reality can be used
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