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The desire to know
is what guides us

R&D is what enables Immersion to be leaders in our field. To stay ahead. To dig deep into the subjects that will interest the professionals of tomorrow. Since 2005, it has been an on-going mission.

Curiosity is what
stimulates us

Immersion’s research covers every field. The spectrum of our research spans from Industry 4.0 to crisis management and covers as many topics as there are professions.

Our research projects have led to:


More than 50 international scientific publications including 14 which have been given an A-star rating


More than 20 patents


More than 30 projects of research


10% of our turnover is reinvested in research

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Expertise that
goes beyond technology

We have a multidisciplinary team. Our experts widen Immersion’s field of action in a number of domains; human factors, cognition, HMI (Human-Computer Interface), UI/UX design, optics, electronics, computing…

Immersion also takes part in human machine interface and virtual, augmented, or mixed reality research projects. Our research is applied to a range of fields and industries including, automotive, aeronautics, industry 4.0, crisis management, health, BIM, architecture… We are actively involved in the scientific community.

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Seeking new

Venturing out to discover.

Following your convictions: nothing progresses without the irrepressible need to know.

Immersion has taken part in more than 30 research projects, including European projects, regional projects, ANR, PIA, DGA and DGAC. And since innovation never stops, we will continue to get involved with new research projects.

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    You are
    the driving force

    Our inspiration also comes from your projects. What technologies will best meet your needs? How will they be used?

    Renault, Sanofi, Naval Group, CEA, Airbus…, our clients work in a variety of fields and our solutions are nourished by this diversity of experience. This diversity provides added value to all our projects and creates bridges between different sectors.

    Would you like help with a research project? Immersion can accompany you in your quest for innovation.

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    the outcome of a R&D project

    Protecting information exchange in times of crisis. This was a common need for many security professionals; firefighters, civil security, the military, police forces, crisis management experts, ministerial offices, etc.


    The objective? To have a global vision of all the information available in real time to optimise collective decision-making. To achieve this, four European projects were launched: Inscape, Indigo, E-Sponder and Vasco. The solution took the form of a collaborative platform. Since it also responded to the problems of our clients, we decided to invest in it. We industrialised the solution. And today we market it under the name Shariiing.

    Shariiing offers a collaboration without borders. It is a solution that brings participants together around a complete and common vision, whether they are in the same space or thousands of kilometres apart. It enhances the understanding of information and ultimately boosts the performance of its users.

    Discover Shariiing