Uses of virtual and
augmented reality technology

When technology takes
projects to a new level

Présentation du cas client Renault

Collaborate. Make your colleagues proud. Be inspired. Be productive. Make people dream.
There are many reasons to use immersive technology. Virtual reality can be used at every stage of a project. From conceiving, designing, and developing ideas to their implementation… Our solutions go beyond the limits of your imagination.

At every stage
of your project…

We believe in putting the human element back into technological innovation. Our solutions connect the virtual with the real. Real-time projections, teamwork, and shared knowledge. These elements combined are the key to your project’s success.

What solutions do we offer? At what stage in the project can we help you?

We have created bespoke solutions for every stage of your project. The possibilities of this technology are quite simply endless.


Immerse yourself, visualise, and interact. Our solutions create experiences that stimulate the senses, promote collaboration, and unleash creativity.

Virtual creative studio, innovative showroom, digital lab, innovation lab.


Our technology is people-centric, is adapted to and encourages an agile approach.  Faster and more efficient, there are more possibilities for testing with virtual simulations than with physical prototypes. Virtual reality motivates and mobilises your employees.

Model reviews, 3D prototype creation, etc.


Our solutions will reinvent the way you work. Welcome to Industry 4.0. We will increase your productivity, whilst improving the well-being of your employees and making them feel more valued.

Simplify quality control and assembly processes, reduce the mental workload, improve the layout of the assembly line, etc.

Une personne au tableau avec un casque VR

Sales and marketing

Technology is inspiring. It creates wonder. It helps a client to see, even when the product does not exist. Your sales methods become an experience that sets you apart.

Interior design/layout, full-size 3D product visualisation, showroom.


For training organisations and institutions, universities and colleges, and companies: technology is a great learning tool. It captures the attention and offers a fun, multimodal approach. Virtual reality enhances learning.

Hybrid classroom, virtual training mode, simulations, etc.

Une projection virtuelle d'une usine


Benefit from having a perfect virtual replica. From molecules to a megapolis. Remote supervision and intervention. Our technology offers speed, power, and responsiveness in all maintenance operations.

Digital twin, augmented reality, remote assistance, etc.