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Immersion selected for the Siggraph!

Immersion has been selected in the category Emerging Technologies of the prestigious Siggraph and its team will be in Los Angeles this summer.

Since 1994, innovation has been the constant bet Immersion made, particularly supported through its R&D department. Through the software tools already developed and its know-how, Immersion was able to develop this unique experience.

Immersion’s challenge was to combine existing innovative technologies – HoloLens, Ultrahaptics, Leapmotion – in order to create a unique experience: touching a hologram in mid-air:
– Microsoft HoloLens allows for a successful and intuitive Mixed Reality experience while benefiting from a large existing community of users.
– Ultrahaptics allows for a tactile sensation through a technology sufficiently discreet not to alter the “waow” effect of the experience.
– Leapmotion is the only technology allowing for an accurate tracking of hand movements, thus ensuring a high-quality interaction with the hologram.


Want to learn more about Mixed Reality and Remote Assistance? Download the free white paper written by our expert on the subject.

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