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iliGHT 3D-Touch Table


iliGHT 3D-Touch combines a multitouch interface of 2D intuitive collaboration (video tracking of the hands) with relief visualization solutions (multi-user stereoscopy, head tracking with 6 degrees free).

Thanks to this innovative interface, two users can explore a 3D city at the same time, each of them having his own city viewpoint, as it would be with a real mockup.


It’s not so much using tactile input and multiview which is new, but also their combination into the same interface, with all the problems it raises.

The device thus approaches these new problems in an alternative way.

The interface puts forward for example an immersive depiction when no arm comes to put obstacle to the contents (effect of gush, objects “on” the table), but tries to avoid the collisions between fingers and virtual objects by moving the contents dynamically to bring it “inside” the table.


Discover the vidéo which presents the iliGHT 3D-Touch.

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