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Airbus Helicopters – Remote collaborative workspace

The use of immersive visualisation solutions has become an essential tool in the aeronautics sector, which is why Airbus Helicopters Donauwörth (Germany), a subsidiary of the Airbus group, called upon Immersion to install a stereoscopic Virtual Reality room.



  • Client: Airbus Helicopters
  • Sector: Aeronautics
  • Equipment: Project co-review room
  • Size of image wall: nearly 6m wide by 2.5m high.
  • Back projection using 4 video-projectors
  • Stereoscopy
  • Tracking system
  • Special feature of this facility: sound, image and video sources are controlled using a tactile tablet

For what

The Virtual Reality room is used for the purposes of reviewing projects.

A number of Immersion rooms at Airbus Helicopters

The Airbus Helicopters headquarters located in Marignane, France, had already been equipped with a similar system.

This was therefore the second time that the group, the world’s largest civil helicopter manufacturer, had entrusted Immersion with such a project.

Thus, three immersive rooms communicate to enable remote collaborative work. 

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