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ENSAM Cluny – Vertical immersive system

The ENSAM Cluny (also known as Arts et Métiers) had a very specific set of needs when it came to the design of its virtual immersion equipment.

Intended for the navigation of full-scale virtual models of buildings, the system had to be able to accommodate tall structures, which is not generally the case with ‘conventional’ immersive systems.



  • Client: ENSAM Cluny
  • Sector: Education
  • Equipment: LITE (Light Immersive Transportable Environment)
  • Two screens of 4m wide by 2.25 high.
  • Back projection
  • Stereoscopy
  • Can be dismantled and transported to be displayed at trade fairs

For what

  • training
  • industry
  • culture and heritage

The LITE system has a number of different applications, offering a high level of visual and sound immersion suitable for a variety of audiences.

Its verticality and portability make it a 100% original system, developed by Immersion, and one that provides the ENSAM Cluny with real added value.


“The idea of being able to wander around inside full-scale monuments that are no longer standing using the LITE technology is just incredible. The vertical aspect creates an amazing feeling of immersion.

Immersion successfully met our specifications in terms of cost and time frame with this room, which can also be dismantled and transported to another location. Mission accomplished!”

Christian Pere, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Gunzo Project, ENSAM Cluny

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