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ENAC – Control tower simulator

Immersion created two 360° control tower simulators at the ENAC (French civil aviation university) (graphics and video-projection component), as well as modernising the Roissy-CDG simulator (video-projection component).

Immersion has therefore either created or renovated all known French control tower simulators.



  • Client: ENAC
  • Sector: Civil aviation
  • Equipment: 360° control tower simulator
  • each rotunda comprises nine video-projectors
  • HP and NVIDIA technologies
  • optical fibre signal transmission
  • automated switching

For what

The ENAC’s control tower simulators are characterised by a very high resolution and a high contrast and colorimetry for the purposes of achieving a very high-quality rendering for quality teaching under almost-real conditions.

Recognised expertise
in such complex

It should also be noted that in addition to these two simulators in Toulouse, Immersion was also responsible for the modernisation of the video-projection component of a third rotunda at Charles-De-Gaulle Aiport.

With the completion of this project, Immersion had created or renovated all of the control tower simulators located on French territory.

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