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IFSTTAR – Modular driving and pedestrian simulator

The IFSTTAR is the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks which was created following the merger of the INRETS and the LCPC.

In order to accomplish its research mission, the IFSTTAR (the then-INRETS) needed a driving and pedestrian simulator at its Versailles-Satory site.

Immersion won the call for tenders and consequently created a fully modular immersive system.



  • Client: IFSTTAR
  • Sector: Scientific research
  • Equipment: fully modular immersive simulator.
  • 10 projection modules
  • Each module comprises a screen and a video-projector assembled within an aluminium structure.
  • active stereoscopy
  • fully modular

For what

Different configurations can be achieved by changing the way in which the ten projection modules are arranged.

The two basic configurations are the automotive driving simulator and the pedestrian simulator.


“The driving mode enables us to study a driver’s behaviour in a safe environment. We can then simulate traffic conditions and situations that would be impossible to create in a real-life situation.

The pedestrian mode enables us to study the behaviour of subjects in an urban setting, for the purposes of studying how elderly people cross the road, for example”.

Claude Fline, liaison officer for scientific equipment at the Satory site

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