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WEF 2017: “Health Simulation Center of the Future”

Immersion and SimforHealth present the “Health Simulation Center of the Future” at the 2017 World Electronics Forum: “Virtual reality for real collaboration”.

At the 2017 World Electronics Forum organized in the University Hospital of Angers, SimforHealth and Immersion will present the “Health Simulation Center of the Future” on Thursday October 26th. During this must-see event of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare sector, the two Bordeaux based companies will highlight their know-how by demonstrating the educational value of digital tools for the training of healthcare professionals.

SimforHealth is leveraging technologies developed by Immersion, expert in virtual reality, augmented reality and collaborative solutions, to showcase its digital simulation software solutions.

Immersion provides SimforHealth with homebrewed immersive and collaborative 3D technologies from the “3 i by Immersion” product range imagined, designed and developed by the company including:

a Meetiiim collaboration table and a large vertical touch screen, both equipped with the collaborative software Shariiing

a VR Uniiit, the all-in-one mobile virtual reality kit equipped with a HTC Vive headset

Through Immersion’s immersive and collaborative technologies combined with SimForHealth’s eHealth expertise, visitors will experience how health education can take on a new collaborative dimension by having professors and students working in virtual reality and mixed reality on the same case, in face-to-face or in remote locations. Convinced that virtual reality and its collaborative solutions are a fundamental opportunity to facilitate decision making and share information with all stakeholders, Immersion is proud to support SimfortHealth with its development in the healthcare digital simulation market.

3i solutions by Immersion