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Toucheo – an innovative working platform


Iparla (a joint University of Bordeaux and CNRS Inria research team) and Immersion have created Toucheo, a spectacular new interactive and immersive solution combining a multi-touch screen and the stereoscopic visualisation of objects in 3 dimensions, in the framework of the InSTInCT consortium.

A technological challenge

Interactive 3D environments are a source of huge potential in a number of fields, but there had always been a number of barriers to the coexistence of 3D visualisation and manipulation. With the creation of Toucheo, Cap Sciences, Inria and Immersion have succeeded in offering a response to such issues.

The result of a tripartite collaboration

Toucheo is the fruit of the combined expertise of three innovative Bordeaux-based players including a research centre (INRIA), a company specialising in Virtual Reality (Immersion) and a scientific, technical and industrial cultural centre (Cap Sciences), with each of the stakeholders bringing their own added value to the table to help bring the project to life.


Toucheo enables users to interact using simple 2D gestures on a touchscreen whilst visualising and manipulating the 3D objects projected above the surface of the screen, a combination that makes for a rich and transparent working environment.

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