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Sunna Design – Augmented Reality & Connected Factory

Sunna Design, a company created in 2011, conceives and produces autonomous solar lighting solutions for emerging countries.  Immersion provided an Augmented Reality system and integrated collaborative solutions, like Shariiing, in their connected factory of the future.


Key features

  • Client: Sunna Design
  • Sector: design and production
  • Equipment:
    • Augmented Reality System in the framework of SystemSol research project
    • In the heart of the Factory: rotating Multitouch display with Shariiing
    • In a meeting room: Shariiing software
    • Projection wall

For what

  • Production organization: anticipate, make organisation simulations
  • Operators training
  • Meetings: collaboration, make descisions
  • Showroom, client visit


Discover in video the uses and benefits of Augmented Reality and collaborative solutions for the 30 employees-company.


“The Sunna Design technology is particularly innovative and for us, it has been key to match this ADN and create a pilot production line with equally innovative processes in order to conceive these high-volume products and to respond to the size of the market.” explains Raphaël Baillot, Sunna Design’s R&D and Innovation Director

“Here is a first summary today for our factory of the future: a training time reduced by 80% for the whole staff. Our factory of the future, it is the augmented man of technology. Our factory, it is also our showroom.” sums up Jean-Michel Chesné, Industry & Innovation Director.

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