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Product hightlight – Haption Virtuose 6D

Haption has launched a new version of its Virtuose 6D, an haptic device with 6 degrees of freedom, specifically designed for Virtual Reality environments working.

The Virtuose 6D is a 6 degrees-of-freedom haptic device, specifically designed for work in Virtual Reality environments. Thanks to its large workspace and its high forces, it enables a scale one interaction with digital models coming from CAD.


Its main applications are:

  • ergonomic studies
  • accessibility studies
  • assembly simulation
  • project review
  • large interaction
  • tele-operation
  • Human gesture

For what


“The world of force feedback systems is not a rapidly changing market. Haption is demonstrating its ability to innovate and to push technological boundaries.

The performance of the new Virtuose 6D, which includes an extended workspace, greater force and increased rigidity, helps push current boundaries and makes it possible to explore new ways of adopting haptic technology, along with new uses”, explains Pierre Vercruysse of Haption.

Product datasheet

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