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Completed national research projects


The Genius project is co-financed by the National Agency for Research . The tool will enable, when creating and object, to enhance image sharing and utilization so as to offer new 3d shapes experimentation tracks.

  • Period: 208-2010
  • Objective: generate a design assisting tool


This project intends to use people’s feeling while observing cultural work and enhances it by using augmented reality technologies. Besides its coordination capacities/skills, Immersion brings along its knowledge about existing hardware solutions and the ability to develop new turnkey solutions in interaction, visualization, gesture recognition and user’s sensing.

  • Cultural experience: Augmented Reality & Emotion
  • Immersion, coordinator,
  • Period: Automn 2009 – 2012
  • Website project: www.careproject.fr
  • Objective:  Implementing virtual reality technologies into the cultural world.


The interactive tactile surfaces, and especially multitouch surfaces, are considerably changing the habits and the relation between users and digital worlds.
Within the InSTInCT project, all stakeholders are willing to contribute to this evolution, focusing on 3D aspects.
On the one hand, they will develop intuitive interfaces based on existing tactile devices. On the other hand, they will explore new modes to enhances interaction (ex. Hand orientation, pressure, tactile feedback)

  • New tactile interfaces promoting the circulation of 3D interactive applications
  • Period : Automn 2009-2012
  • Website project:anr-instinct.cap-sciences.net
  • Objective: developing new tactile interfaces with a general public target.



This project aimed to develop 3D interfaces for inter-operator collaboration in a military context.

3i solutions by Immersion