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Completed European research projects


Financed by the European Union within the FP7, the V-CITY project aims at restoring cities in 3D and allows interaction and navigation inward the layout.

Partner with the consortium, Immersion’s objective is to develop new interfaces allowing navigation within these environments. The first developers notably based their work on adapting multitouch tactile technologies to urban 3D environments applications.

Website project: http://vcity.diginext.fr


INDIGO aims to provide a revolutionary solution that will enable inter-organisational preparation and support response to transboundary crises and disasters, in any environment.

INDIGO allows for inter-organizational exercising, information sharing and analysis. The proposed system proved an essential and integrated tool for training personnel, planning operations, and facilitating crisis management and co-operation across organisations and nations.

Website project: http://indigo.diginext.fr


This project aimed to develop new solutions for interactive 3D storytelling 3D.


The project aimed at specifying and developing a platform and standards for the prototyping of multimodal interactions.

As such, Immersion’s teams bring their knowledge about existing interaction and visualization hardware and their skills in developing new hardware solutions.


This project which was completed in 2007, aimed at searching, developing, and validating an innovative system using the latest virtual reality technologies for preparation, training, and mission management in urban crisis times (terrorist attacks, hostage taking, NBCR crisis, etc).

The CRIMSON system enables the 3D simulation and evaluation of sophisticated urban scenarios that would be hard to validate in real conditions.

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