By combining our respective expertise in acoustic and vibratory immersion, as well as in virtual and augmented reality technologies, we have created this joint laboratory to imagine, design and produce innovative immersive systems that integrate visual, auditory, vibratory and haptic modalities for successful overall user immersion.

LITIMS aims to produce innovative immersive systems, combining visual, auditory, vibratile and haptic modalities with a focus on human perception.

To achieve this, we want to combine our mutual skills to create a new synergy capable of producing new-generation immersive communication systems.

LITIMS will set up a shared development platform, integrating virtual and augmented reality technologies – Immersion’s expertise – with acoustic and vibratory immersion systems – the expertise of the PRISM laboratory.

The platform will offer strong potential for innovation and added value, given the current absence of immersive platforms enabling the creation of calibrated and controlled content capable of projecting people into virtual spaces combining 3D sound, 3D vision, vibrations and haptics.


Identity Card

Duration: 5 years
Start date: January 2024
Total budget: 1.26 million euros (co-financed by ANR, Agence Nationale pour la Recherche)
Financing : ANR (French National Research Agency)



PRISM (interdisciplinary laboratory, under the supervision of CNRS, Aix-Marseille University and the French Ministry of Culture)