Experience XR to the full. Don’t be isolated. Shariiing XR adds a new dimension to your immersive applications, making them more collaborative.

Communicate more easily. Understand each other better. Connected to the Shariiing platform, your applications facilitate exchanges within the group, between immersed people and outsiders.

Simply, intelligently. Shariiing XR offers an intuitive interface for linking two worlds, to secure decision-making or promote better learning.

With Shariiing XR, your workspaces have never been so immersive.

Shariiing XR enables the integration of virtual and augmented reality headsets into the Shariiing collaborative environment. The aim is to offer an intuitive interface to link two worlds – immersive environments, via XR headsets in particular, and the real world – in order to secure decision-making or promote better learning. In this way, users can interact both locally and remotely: they can “point”, place a marker, guide the user’s gaze, or add a note in the 3D scene.

What is Shariiing XR?

Shariiing XR is a plugin for Unity. Added to your immersive application, the plugin allows you to connect it to a screen equipped with Shariiing Advanced and thus, from the Shariiing Advanced screen, interact with the immersed user.


Guide with points of interest on the ground or arrows displayed directly in the field of view of the XR headset or immersive system.

Use an ephemeral annotation tool to highlight an element in real time to attract attention.

Send comments in real time for more precise indications. You can also classify your notes using a color-coded system.

How to get Shariiing XR

To find out more and purchase Shariiing XR, contact the Immersion team.