Energizing your teams. Working together in tomorrow’s world. You want your workspace to evolve in a fast-paced world. Collaboration is a ubiquitous catch-all word, and immersion is the tangible shift of the next few years. Everything is possible, but where to start? How to make the right choice?

Explanations by Juliette Vauchez, Human Factors Engineer at Immersion

Immersion places the human being at the center of its answers. Enriched by years of experience in the field of immersive technologies and its all-in-one solutions facilitating interaction, it integrates tomorrow’s workspaces for its clients. We accompany you in the discovery of the possible. Technology as a coordinator, an opportunity to move forward together.

“What the customer wants, what the users want, and what they really need might be different. A formulated request can hide a lot of information that can only be uncovered by including the end users in the design loop.”

To this end, Immersion takes care to consider human factors as a whole: user-centred design, human-machine interface, cognitive sciences. We work on the human factor, for a personalized work experience with technologies, in order to lead to a collective blossoming.

“Including users in the design also reduces resistance to change.”

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Giving meaning to these new spaces

You want to integrate new immersive technologies into your working methods. You’ve got a lot of promising ideas flooding in and you let yourself dream. A glimpse of what your daily life could be like tomorrow. All you have to do is choose what you would like to see a new and enchanting workspace appear. 3D, headsets, holograms, the metaverse … an entire world to imagine.

The risk to avoid here is the wow effect. The common objective is to create value for your company by using these new technologies. However, these marvels are often turned off and exceptionally exhibited to customers, while the more conventional meeting habits are taken over.

In today’s socially and environmentally conscious world, it is no longer a question of investing without limits in tools that may not be used. Immersion targets the right thing.

Build your usage scenario

Therefore, the design of the solutions must be thought first and foremost for you. Understand the needs underlying the request, analyse the activity, identify the primary and secondary user profiles. Include them in the ideation and solution generation process. Evaluate the systems in place. Iterate together until the final answer is reached. There is no right nor wrong solution, only the one that suits you.

We study users, their needs, logic, dynamics and interactions.

“For a technology to be used, it must be fully integrated into the users’ lifestyle/work. If it requires more effort (psychological, physiological) than gain, if they feel it is not worth it, they will be satisfied with a sub-optimal result.”

Immersion works in 3D and immersive technologies since 1994. With more than 400 references in our catalogue, our experts have the necessary hindsight to advise you: no need to do everything, but to target the right thing. Thanks to its years of experience, Immersion develops its 3i product range to create a link between the different trades and to facilitate exchanges. Our integrations are proposed with a specific concern for interior design and aesthetics to create exceptional spaces. During all our productions, we used this human-centred approach and focus on the end users. Our multidisciplinary team works together on the solutions that best meet your needs.

This is through this prism that we improve the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of your teams on a daily basis. Your projects come to life and we accompany you to full autonomy. Sustainability. Usability. Learning technology, rediscovering people.

Think Human First

Moreover, human factors consideration goes beyond the identified use. Thinking for the human being. Considering their behaviours, capabilities and limitations. Cognitive sciences are at the center of design: we seek to understand how information is perceived and processed to improve the ergonomics of our solutions.

“Knowing the capacities and limits of human beings, as individuals as well as a group, is necessary to better approach the search for a solution by anticipating behaviours, and thus improve their acceptability.”

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Any desires? Our teams will guide you through the process. By placing you at the center of the reflection, we create together the space that suits you. With Immersion, Imagination, and Interaction.