As part of the actions “Ville de demain” of the “Investissements d’Avenir” program, Immersion works closely with Bordeaux Métropole Aménagement (BMA) for the  ZAC Bastide Niel project which has been imagined by the architect Winy Maas. Immersion participates into this urban planning by putting virtual reality at the service of stakeholders and citizens.


Immersion has been selected to:

  • equip the « maison des projets » with collaborative and 3D immersive technologies, such as the Diiice
  • support the stakeholders of the project with the realization of a set of tools dedicated to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) for the design, the management, the mediation and the communication about the urban project thanks to collaborative solutions such as Meetiiim.

To start this collaboration and to present the future neighborhood to the citizens, Immersion has developed an immersive system which makes them travel in their new neighborhood. In a hot air balloon and equipped with a virtual reality headset, the citizens will fly over the 35 hectares of the future district. Discover this experience in a video.