Immersion has recently executed a customized solution for Spie Batignolles, French construction group and BTP.Within the framework of a tender, Immersion has developed a customized augmented reality application aimed to showcase the premises of the future campus of a CFA (Apprentice Training Centre) designed by Spie Batignolles. Immersion has also provided a set of compatible touchpads with the developed application.This application allows makes the link between a reference sheet, common to all observers, and potentially all of the digital information associated to BIM. Everyone takes advantages of unique navigation and customizes at all time the concerned data space.   


“We don’t need physical ‘white’ model anymore, the augmented reality application allowed us to encrust the ‘Virtual’ digital model in our ground plane in real-time. Proportions, colors, shadows, everything is there! The model just appears on the support (ground plane), recognized by the application installed on the touchpads.” Explains Céline BRICOGNE, BIM Coordinator of SPIE BATIGNOLLES


“Augmented reality allows not only to view the volumes, but also offers the opportunity to explain site operation through highlighting flow (pedestrians, cars …). Several tools have allowed us to project future users into the operation of the building by offering, through the application, access to the gym program at the canteen menu… The augmented reality tool was a fun element of presentation and especially of project ownership. Indeed, blueprint reading is not necessarily natural for a project owner that is not always familiar with the exercise. Also, the discovery of the project through this technology allowed jury members to better discover our project and especially to project into this building.” Underlines Céline BRICOGNE, BIM Coordinator of SPIE BATIGNOLLES.

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