Immersion recently worked with the Trade Industries cluster (PICOM) which brings together the main French actors of distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship. This division created the Shopping Innovation Lab (Silab), the first European center dedicated to Commerce. It offers a unique combination of tools, technological equipment and innovation skills. To expand its equipment range, Immersion recently designed and built, for Silab, a reconfigurable immersive room based on a flagship product: the “MOVE”. This immersive room includes a CAVE with opening walls for a larger display surface. The multiple display configurations is a real technical advantage to this division. 


“The experimental trays allow to test in real situation new technologies to create innovative customer journey for trade. If SILAB proposes a shop and flat to experience these new buying situations, it is however impossible to reproduce broader situations, like the route in a mall, an airport terminal or a street in the city center.” explains Jean-Michel Flamant, Director of Development Silab – Shopping Innovation Lab.  The immersive room can virtually create these spaces to take into account, simulate and evaluate trade in mobility situations. The CAVE is also used to re-create and evaluate new store concepts for retailers (center contact points, corners, shop-in-shop …) or to work on new merchandising plans for brands.


The Barco MoVE Lite is a multi-function virtual environment equipped with extremely lightweight mechanisms and structures to allow easy and quick reconfiguration of the system. The MoVE Lite is a 3D stereo multi faces that can be adapted to all needs. It can be easily reconfigured to meet the challenge of the moment.

  • Screens and designed and optimized mechanical structures
  • Several projection technologies available
  • Positioning system “six degrees of freedom” (6DoF)
  • Rigid Rear Projection Screens
  • Front Projection Screen to the floor
  • Available in fully motorized solution