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Renault – Headlight simulator

Renault is equipped with a headlight simulator of its vehicles. Having had this equipment for twenty years, the French car manufacturer has to regularly develop its system to ensure it includes the latest innovations in technology. Renault entrusted Immersion with producing this new display system. Named “Helios”, this headlight simulator is ultra-realistic.

For what

  • Simulate the new car projectors
  • Reduce development costs and delays

The “Helios”simulator is a technical challenge: designing a large field-of-view spherical screen, providing high contrast levels and brightness, allowing for night stereoscopic visualisation.

Key features

  • Mechanical structure and 225-degree spherical frontal projection screen
  • 8 laser videoprojectors
  • Automatic and dynamic warping and optical blending system managed by software
  • Tracking: 6 cameras
  • Native 4K images: 4096 x 2160
  • High contrast
  • Laser technology: reduced maintenance cost
  • Depth: Active stereoscopic 3D

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