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A video conferencing solution
that empowers people

to create immersive,
high-impact presentations

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Photo de studiiio
Photo de studiiio

We reinvent collaboration and hybrid working. We facilitate interaction. We enable your body to speak. Immersion’s unique video conferencing solution is a and powerful persuasion tool that marks people’s minds and takes video conferencing to a whole new level.

Switch to augmented video conferencing

We were

miles apart

The turmoil of 2020 has left us with a legacy that we are still struggling to grasp – video conferencing. However, it is monotonous, dull, and uninspiring. At the sight of a PowerPoint presentation, participants switch off. And from behind the camera, the host wonders if it is worth their effort.

The promises of hybrid working sounded appealing. But with this evolution, the human element has been erased.

With these video conference “meetings”, is it possible to make an impact?

Despite the advantages of Zoom, Teams, and other new video conference solutions, in these meetings, we are still miles apart.

But what if
everything changed?


your audience

Imagine a video conference.

No. Imagine a captivating audio-visual performance where passionate presenters have the freedom to move around the room and engage not only with their words but also through their body language. Imagine not just a camera, but a complete studio, and not just a screen, but an immersive room.

Imagine an immersive experience that captivates and convinces your audience.

Your hybrid video conference is instantly transformed.

Make informed


Imagine if remote meetings could be like real face-to-face meetings.

Where teams collaborate on a particular topic to make an informed decision.

Where every piece of information is shared, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Informed decision making becomes much easier.


to create

Imagine if in video conference meetings all participants actively participated as a team, whether they are in the same room or connected remotely behind a camera.

Imagine inclusive brainstorming.

Collaboration and co-creation become possible, regardless of the distance that separates your team members.

Free yourself

from the constraints

Imagine addressing a large audience, with some attendees in the room and others behind their screens.

You are on your feet, free to move around the room, free to be yourself.

An interactive screen and Shariiing software  give you complete control over every aspect of your video conference.

With this 3D technology at your fingertips, you and your attendees can dive even deeper into a collaborative, multimodal, immersive meeting experience.

Photo du studiiio
Une visio avec studiiio
Photo du studiiio
Photo du studiiio

Enough imagining,
experience Studiiio

Photo studiiio

Immersion transforms video conferencing
with their Studiiio solution

Studiiio encapsulates Immersion’s expertise in design and technology.

The screen faces the presenter, displaying the participant’s faces, while the interactive screen behind them shares the video conference with everyone. Our Shariiing software, integrated into Studiiio, makes interactions seamless.

Unlike traditional video conferencing, this technology does not create barriers; it breaks them down.

Our video conferencing system combines high-quality audio and high-resolution video capturing, optimal lighting, and a versatile space, all designed to make the presenter shine. Every element of our solution is geared towards one goal: putting the speaker in the spotlight and enhancing their performance.

Studiiio makes you look your best – charismatic and captivating.

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    tailored for you

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    Interaction sur le tableau tactile
    Interaction sur le tableau tactile
    Intéraction sur le tableau tactil
    Zoom sur panneau de contrôle Studiiio
    Une personne présente des éléments grâce à la viso studiiio
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    Marks minds.

    Whether you’re engaging with investors, students, colleagues, or clients, Studiiio makes capturing their attention effortless.

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    Reinvents hybrid teaching.

    Studiiio is the ideal tool for teachers and students. With Studiiio, cameras stay switched on, allowing teachers to connect with students and captivate them through collaborative immersive learning experiences.

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    Makes decision-making easier.

    Our video conferencing system, Studiiio, is the best choice for businesses that need to make collective decisions. It transcends physical boundaries and facilitates collective understanding. The Shariiing software fosters collaboration, making decision-making easier.

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    Is more than a tool, it's an ally.

    Studiiio goes beyond being a mere tool – it’s your ally in building trust and convincing your audience. It enhances presentations, making clients more receptive to your ideas. Partners who are captivated are more likely to be open to collaboration.

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    Is a source of pride.

    Businesses would like to see their teams go back to using their workspaces. Our solution adds a compelling dimension to video conferencing. The interest created by our technology awakens a childlike curiosity and creates a sense of pride among employees and motivates them to use these workspaces once again.

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    Your space, your Studiiio

    Our adaptable solution suits small or medium-sized rooms, just as effectively as larger spaces. Studiiio is designed to fit any environment, incorporating an interactive screen, high-quality audio and high-resolution video, cameras, and studio lighting. Our Shariiing software connects all these elements, enhancing interactivity.

    Once the video conferencing room

    has been set up

    Immersion provides guidance to its future users. Mastering the art of impactful video conferencing takes practice. Knowing how to use lighting correctly is not innate. Which is why we advise you on how to make the most of the space available. Once you’ve got to grips with all the details and features Studiiio has to offer, you’ll be able to use this technology to shine.