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Turnkey immersive solutions

Immersion used its experience and expertise to develop its own on the shelf turnkey product range.

These products, which are entirely designed and manufactured in Aquitaine (France), are the result of several years of research and development and constant interaction with industrials.

VR uniiit 1

‘VR uniiit’

‘VR uniiit’ and ‘VR in a case’ by Immersion

VR uniiit‘ and ‘VR in a case‘ are both all-in-one mobile solutions for virtual reality, integrated in a compact flightcase. These solutions allow to deploy easily and quickly an immersive system.

With the ‘VR uniiit‘ and ‘VR in a case‘ systems, bring virtual reality wherever you are!



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VR in a case



work together

Meetiiim is the new interactive and collaborative working platform revolutionising professional meetings. The solution turns your meetings into highly efficient decision-making hubs.

Share, interact, annotate and modify. Give another dimension to your meetings with Meetiiim! 

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Diiice, by Immersion

Diiice revolutionizes the virtual reality immersive environment standard and offers a full-packaged solution, including the latest generation of professional equipment, intuitive software  and services that ensure an optimal use.

With Diiice, dive into the new era of virtual reality immersive environment!

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