Airbus Operations has trusted Immersion to equip a technical solution Tracking of brand ART (11 cameras ARTTRACK 5) and virtual reality head-mounted display allowing to visualize the simulation. This solution will be integrated in the Airbus room “Augmented Virtuality” composed of metal structure that can support the tracking cameras. 
Specifications : ARTtrack 5 is the new generation of the family ARTTRACK cameras with improved performance for industrial applications and research.

  • Maximum distance monitoring: up to 7.5m
  • Integrated flash infrared (NIR 850 nm)
  • Focal available: f = 3.5 mm, f = 4.5 mm and f = 6 mm
  • Field of vision max. : 98 ° x 77 °

For what purpose ?

“The “Augmented Virtuality” room has been created to address the inadequacy of our virtual reality room for cases of maintenance, aircraft integration and system installation. For some “Use Case”, it was necessary to be able to rely on physical elements or at least really feel the constraints. We use the same software RHEA in both rooms. The reliability, precision tracking cameras in our other virtual reality rooms, has led us to keep this type of equipment. Due to evolve in a big area to 360 degree, and have physical elements in the scene, the immersive head-mounted display was the only possible solution.” Dominique BOBO, ID Lab Architect – IDAR – AIRBUS OPERATIONS S.A.S