Augmented reality tools are revolutionizing the assembly techniques in the aviation industry . TESTIA, an AIRBUS GROUP company specialized in the field of Non-Destructive Testing, Quality Inspections and Training in Aerospace. has deployed a system based on Augmented Reality, nammed SART (Smart Augmented Reality Tool) since 2015. In order to extend the application scope to all industries, TESTIA chooses Immersion to distribute the SART solution which until then has been restricted to Airbus Group and some aeronautic players.

By superimposing the reality onto a 3D model, the Smart Augmented Reality Tool (SART) system allows:

  • early detection of non-conformities on assembly lines
  • perform inspection of any industrial construction including many complex parts.
  • avoid costly corrections which would have had to be performed later on in the process

Interfacing SART solution directly to the Informatics System (link to ERP) improves and optimizes the Quality Control Process in a significant way.
 Read the press release (French) Want to learn more about Mixed Reality and Remote Assistance? Download the free white paper written by our expert on the subject.