HRV simulation, simulation specialist in the field of health, realizes virtual reality simulators and systems, addressed to medical practitioners or businesses, to avoid musculoskeletal disorders to employees.To achieve this, Immersion recently provided haptics (Geomagic Touch X) and magnetic sensors (Polhemus Patriot DB) to develop their dental surgery training simulator. 

Caractéristiques produits :

Geomagic Touch XGeomagic Touch X pushes haptic capacities at the highest level, bringing more accurate positioning and a high-fidelity effort return.    

Polhemus Patriot DBThe Patriot DB is 6 degrees of freedom magnetic tracking solution. A perfect answer for the positioning and orientation of objects in a 3D application, where cost is a major concern.


“We use haptics for training actions when the situation is potentially risky or difficult. Indeed, the haptic allows setting up a realistic simulation and confronting learner to different scenarios that he will have to face later in the exercise of his profession. The medical field has high expectations about simulation training; the first steps are to be made on virtual patients. Pre-clinical training will be more and more realized on simulators to reach a perfect control of the gesture, also evaluated by the simulator.”  Arnaud Cosson, HRV Simulation Director.


“We use haptic solutions to these simulations, especially in our solution VirTeaSy Dental, simulation platform for the training of dentists. Electromagnetic tracking tracks movements in the virtual scene during simulation. For example, during a dental surgery, it comes to follow the movement of the dentist mirror when working in indirect vision. Concerning our birthing simulator (VirTeaSy Birth) it will follow the progress of the baby’s head in the basin.” Arnaud Cosson, HRV Simulation Director.