Digital Lab

When a company invests in digital transformation to revitalise their local area.

Arcelor Mittal réunion de présentation du projet
Arcelor Mittal réunion de présentation du projet


Dunkerque et Uckange

ArcelorMittal is actively investing in its digital transformation. To help revitalise the territories where its factories are developing. To help train its employees and develop their working methods. To enter Industry 4.0. It is in this new age of modernisation that the Digital Labs in Dunkirk and Uckange have been created.

Pursuing its digital transformation:
after VR, innovation labs

Pursuing its digital transformation, ArcelorMittal contacted Immersion with a new project. Indeed, it is not the first time we have sat around a meeting table with them. This new project was also the opportunity for our teams to reunite. When we worked together for the first time, ArcelorMittal wanted to know how, where, and why they should use digitalised working methods. One of our solutions answered their questions. Used for checking the steel coils, our mixed reality (MR) solution simplifies the task for their operators and engineers. This marked a very encouraging first step towards a long-term digital transition strategy.

ArcelorMittal’s objective is becoming increasingly clear: the industry must move towards digital technology. Once again, the same question arises: how?

A new project takes shape and Immersion gets involved. Supported by the authorities of the respective sites, ArcelorMittal wants to create a meeting space, entirely focused on digital technology. In an environment where communities, start-ups and employees could design, innovate, develop, and learn. A space that would act as a showcase for the company and a catalyst for activity in the region. A unique place for innovation.

Arcelor Mittal réunion de présentation du projet

Immersion’s solutions for the Digital Lab

A 100% digital environment that provides space for exploration and collaboration. An Innovation Lab at the height of ArcelorMittal’s ambitions. In Dunkerque, the building extends over 2700m2. It includes:

  • An immersive room for designing. To test. Possibly make mistakes. To learn. And start again. Because immersive technology offers more agility than traditional design methods. This room includes a Meetiiim table , a mobile touch screen and a video projection wall. Both are equipped with our collaboration solution Shariiing.
  • A stereoscopic room for collaborative work. For thinking and sharing. This virtual reality room contains a collaborative touch screen equipped with Shariiing and a 3D video projection wall.
  • A large touch wall, also equipped with Shariiing, to welcome and dazzle from the very first impression. It can be customised according to the events or the start-ups that use it.
Arcelor Mittal digital lab
Arcelor Mittal digital lab
Arcelor Mittal digital lab
Arcelor Mittal digital lab
Arcelor Mittal digital lab

Adapting solutions,
Innovating methods

The main objective was to adapt. Adapt to a limited budget and within a tight schedule. It was a challenge, but we succeeded.

To rise to the challenge, we did what we do best: we innovated. The installation of our technological solutions required specific thought and design. So, for the first time, we appointed an architect as project manager. We now apply this method to many of our projects.

Arcelor Mittal réunion de présentation du projet
Arcelor Mittal réunion de présentation du projet

The Digital Lab,
a mine of

The Digital Lab is a place for experimentation and bringing projects to life. Each of the solutions installed in the Lab makes work more flexible, agile, and efficient. All these advantages are key to ArcelorMittal’s digital strategy.

Today, the buildings in Dunkirk and near Florange offer a space for:

  • Co-development
    For start-ups, local authorities, partners, or higher education institutions.
  • Training
    ArcelorMittal wants to train its employees in the jobs of the future. They must learn today about the tools that will shape the industry of tomorrow.
  • Opening-up to the outside world
    For hosting events and conferences. To share ArcelorMittal’s desire to move forward with the times with other industry players in France, and from around the world.

Over and beyond its walls, the Lab helps to revitalise the local area. It launches a new dynamic and accelerates development. It makes the local area attractive. It represents a real source of pride for the company and provides hope and ambition.