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Industry 4.0 : Renault Trucks experiments mixed reality with Immersion

Renault Trucks together with Immersion will start in January 2018 in its engine plant of Lyon, the first test phase of a new faster and more reliable quality control process through mixed reality.


The French manufacturer Renault Trucks is studying the potential benefits of augmented reality – more specifically mixed reality – for production processes. A multi-disciplinary team of 20 employees, created in a similar fashion to a start-up and benefiting from an internal incubator, has designed a prototype with Immersion using mixed reality for engine quality control.



Renault Trucks identifies considerable opportunities in the technology. The use of mixed reality improves the process while reducing quality control time. It furthermore reduces the cognitive load of operators and accelerates their training.

Renault Trucks aims at developing a paper-free digitalized manufacturing process. For this reason, the prototype we designed alongside this leading manufacturer has already entered its test phase in the Lyon engine site, with the aim of industrialization in 2019-2020.

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