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Custom integration

Our role is to offer you the best possible 3D experience.

We design and integrate high-end display and interaction systems and hardware and software components, offering a range of specific and custom solutions designed to meet the most demanding of requirements.

From the initial specifications right through to the maintenance of the solutions installed, we will support you at every stage of your project.



Immersive and
3D rooms

Our teams of experts design immersive spaces and deal with the most complex of technical challenges on a daily basis, from immersive stereoscopic image walls and multi-screen immersive 3D environments to remote collaborative working platforms and projection onto domes, among other things.

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Uses &

Immersive 3D rooms are used for designing digital templates and virtual prototypes, reviewing projects and simulation for the purposes of evaluating issues.

These technologies can benefit both major industrial clients and ISEs and larger SMEs experiencing the same industrial issues.

Uses &

Digital templates and virtual prototypes

Testing a greater number of hypotheses, accelerating the design cycle, collaborating and making decisions in real time, etc.

Simulation for the purposes of evaluating issues

Better meeting the client’s requirements, anticipating the maintainability of systems, training operators, etc.

Solutions designed
to suit all markets

Aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, transportation, defence, architecture, construction, energy, industrial equipment, health, education, research …

These technologies are suitable for all industries, regardless of size, from larger clients and enterprises to ISEs and larger SMEs looking to improve the productivity, quality and innovation of their processes.

These solutions offer new potential sources of value and new avenues of growth.

3i solutions by Immersion