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since 1994

Immersion is European expert and international major player in innovative, immersive and collaborative 3D technologies, in the fields of industry and research.



Skills &

Immersion develops and integrates high-end display systems and interaction devices, in order to test, design, simulate and agree in real-time around the virtual mock-up.

Four areas of expertise: State of the Art, Innovation and R&D, Immersive 3D solutions, 3i solutions.


Solutions designed
to suit all markets

Aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, transportation, defence, architecture, construction, energy, industrial equipment, health, education, research …

These technologies can now also benefit ISEs and larger SMEs experiencing the same industrial issues as larger clients, offering new potential sources of value and new avenues of growth.

Uses &

Digital templates and virtual prototypes
Testing a greater number of hypotheses, accelerating the design cycle, collaborating and making decisions in real time, etc.

Simulation for the purposes of evaluating issues
Better meeting the client’s requirements, anticipating the maintainability of systems, training operators, etc.


Figures &
key information

  • CEO and Co-Founder: Christophe Chartier
  • Time of establishment: 1994
  • Size: almost 46 employees
  • Certification: ISO 9001 2008 version
  • Localisations: Bordeaux (HeadQuarter), Paris and Nantes (France)

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