Interactive wall

Facilitating collaboration with interactive data visualisation tools.

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Présentation du mur d'images tactiles

LIST : Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology


Display, visualise and analyse data. Share it, connect it, give it meaning. Create interactive synchronised data visualisations that are engaging. Gain a new perspective on content. This is why the LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) called upon our solutions. The organisation touches on many areas. This project relates in particular to data management in the field of BIM (Building Information Modelling).

An interactive wall for immersive data visualisation

The institute has a vision of what it wants. A collaborative space in which to exchange and evolve surrounded by a multitude of data. They want their content to be interactive. They need collaborative software. To display and share information, annotate it, aggregate it, and visualise it as simply and as easily as possible. Interactive walls provide a stimulating environment for large-scale interactive data visualisation. The LIST therefore opts for our interactive touch wall solution.

LIST présentation du projet

From an interactive wall to a successful R&D project

At the start of the project, Immersion sets up a visualisation room. Its main asset: a giant interactive touch wall. This technology is equipped with a multi-touch motion tracking system to facilitate user interaction and is one of the biggest interactive touch walls in Europe. Our Meetiim table with its interactive touch screen display is installed opposite the interactive wall to provide a complete interactive solution. Equipped with Shariiing software, each device is interconnected to facilitate collaboration.

However, upon analysing LIST’s needs in more detail, Immersion realises that the project requires complex solutions that are not yet available on the market. Whilst the interactive wall and the creation of an immersive space provides a coherent way to visually communicate quantitative content on the short term, the long-term answer requires extensive research.

Here, Immersion is confronted with the need for a new solution. Until now, 3D models did not integrate a time variable. For the success of this project, the 3D model needs to be linked to the construction site’s planning. Designing and creating this function would simplify the planning of operations and optimise the workflow on the building site.

Our multidisciplinary teams are all united around the project. They are working together and their combined expertise brings the project to a successful conclusion.

4Dcollab is therefore born. This international research project  brings together researchers and building professionals. Its objective: to design and create digital tools that facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the different actors of a construction project.

LIST mur d'images tactiles
LIST mur d'images tactiles
LIST mur d'images tactiles
LIST mur d'images tactiles
LIST mur d'images tactiles

A victory for the client,
an evolution for Immersion

Interactive walls and entire immersive solutions are being used to display content and are proving their worth every day. Shariiing software installed on these devices facilitates the management and the exchange of data.

Our software adapts to the client’s needs. An application, developed by LIST, has been integrated into Shariiing. It customises the experience. Moreover, the assimilation of business software makes our own solution evolve.

The LIST even had the surprise of being visited by the government of Luxembourg during the Coronavirus epidemic. Capable of analysing an exceptionally large amount of data, the immersive space was particularly useful in their crisis management.

We keep in regular contact with the Institute, notably to organise events and to continue to design and create new solutions through new user cases.