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A multi-disciplinary
team at your

IT development, industrial mechanics, 3D modeling, tactile interaction, electronics, optics, human elements, project management, etc.

We can support you from providing an in-depth analysis of your needs right through to maintaining the solutions installed.

State of the Art

Immersion assures a permanent watch of the last technological evolutions and commercializes products dedicated to the visual simulation and the virtual reality.

Head Monted Display, data gloves, haptic devices, software, video-projectors, stereoscopic systems, tracking …

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and R&D

Immersion is involved in national and European research projects to answer the complex issues of interaction and visualization applications, VR and augmented reality.

Thanks to this expertise, Immersion is able to advise the industrials about the integration of innovative devices, at the very core of their process.
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3D solutions

Immersion designs and assembles the best technologies, hardware and software components into custom-integrated solutions.

It supports its clients throughout the lifetime of the project, from initial advice to maintenance, via design and installation.
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3i solutions

Immersion also creates its own range of products comprising a number of new tactile solutions such as the Meetiiim multi-touch collaborative working environment.

These proprietary solutions are known as ‘3i’. Learn more about 3i solutions

3i solutions by Immersion