Discover our immersive 3D solutions

The research projects in which Immersion is involved are resulting in the creation of various new interfaces and solutions. The following are just a few examples of this.

Cubtiiile mobile

An all-in-one mobile interactive solution for immersive presentation.

Cubtile, the multitouch 3D device

Thanks to is multi-touch 3D tactile technology, the Cubtiiile is a 3D multitouch device whiqh helps intuitively manipulating 3D content and navigating in virtual environments.

Toucheo – an innovative working platform

Toucheo is a spectacular new interactive and immersive solution combining a multi-touch screen and the stereoscopic visualisation of objects in 3 dimensions.

Holocubtiiile – Augmented Reality meets Cubtiiile

The Holocubtiiile is an augmented reality system that uses a mirror to combine the visualisation and interaction spaces.

3i solutions by Immersion