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Immersion is very involved in national (ANR) and European (FP7) research projects on virtual reality, augmented reality, tangible interfaces, new multimodal interaction and visualization applications…

EVIA – an interactive e-journey around Aquitaine

The E-VIA project funded by the Aquitaine region aims to develop a series of tools for immersive navigation in heritage-related 3D representations thanks to a series of solutions to be made accessible to all audiences.


The project is funded by the Aquitaine region and is intended to enable different groups involved the 3D reconstruction of a heritage site to share their results, documents and items recovered from the field, along with feedback and thoughts.


E-Sponder is a European research project aimed at developing a solution for the sharing and consolidation of information with the aim of supporting crisis management.

Tass – Total Airport Security System

Tass is an European research project aiming at developing a flight safety management tool. Immersion’s role is to set up a combination of equipment and software helping the supervision operators have an ergonomic tool to reach all the information collected on the ground.

3i solutions by Immersion