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XEROX – Innovation and Collaboration Room

Immersion designed for Xerox a collaborative and innovative room. This showroom allows to one of the five worldwilde research center to encourage collaboration and to co-innoavte with its clients.

Phenovirt – multiface immersive environment

In the Phenovirt EquipEX project framework, the University of Bordeaux’s SANPSY laboratory has been equipped with a multiface immersive environment to conduct clinical studies.

Renault – Digital design room

Designed for Renault, the Stanley Kubrick room is dedicated to the virtual design of car prototypes, making it possible to visualise the car in any situation

Airbus Helicopters – Remote collaborative workspace

The use of immersive visualisation solutions has become an essential tool in the aeronautics sector, which is why Airbus Helicopters Donauwörth (Germany), a subsidiary of the Airbus group, called upon Immersion to install a stereoscopic Virtual Reality room.

3i solutions by Immersion