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Project – Phenovirt

In the Phenovirt EquipEX project framework, the University of Bordeaux’s SANPSY laboratory (located at the premises of Pellegrin Hospital of Bordeaux) has been equipped with a multiface immersive environment to conduct clinical studies.


Key features

  • Client:  Pellegrin Hospital (Bordeaux)
  • Sector: Research/Health
  • Equipment:multiface immersive environment
  • Tracking
  • Eyetraking
  • Realtime spatialized sonorization
  • Solution which combines quality and cost management

For what

The Phenovirt EquipEX  aims to develop a virtual reality area – within a neuropsychopharmacological platform – which enables a better clinical approach (cognitive, behavioural and pathophysiological) of the healthy and diseased populations suffering from sleep and attention deficit disorder and  cognitive decline due to ageing.


In the framework of the SCOAL project, Immersion has alrealdy worked with the Bordeaux University Hospital and has developed an interface to help diagnosis that will combine immersion and tactile.

Funded by the ANR, SCOAL project (stands for Sleep, COgnition, ALzheimer’s) aims at studying connections between sleep disorder, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive deterioration.

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