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Iris & Octave – Mixed Reality and Collaboration for Retail 4.0

Iris & Octave is a hybrid place that questions our senses in the Retail 4.0 era. At the crossroads between a traditional optical and hearing store, a museum of science and discovery and a Fab-Lab. To give life to this project, Sylvain Figerou its creator, has notably equipped it with Immersion technologies. Shariiing, collaboration and presentation software, and Reviiiew, a Mixed Reality application.

Renault – Headlight simulator

Renault is equipped with a headlight simulator of its vehicles. Having had this equipment for twenty years, the French car manufacturer has to regularly develop its system to ensure it includes the latest innovations in technology. Renault entrusted Immersion with producing this new display system. Named “Helios”, this headlight simulator is ultra-realistic.

Industry 4.0 : Renault Trucks experiments mixed reality with Immersion

Renault Trucks together with Immersion will start in January 2018 in its engine plant of Lyon, the first test phase of a new faster and more reliable quality control process through mixed reality.   The French manufacturer Renault Trucks is studying the potential benefits of augmented reality – more specifically mixed reality – for production […]

Sunna Design – Augmented Reality & Connected Factory

Immersion provided an Augmented Reality system and integrated collaborative solutions, like Shariiing, in the Sunna Design’s connected factory of the future.

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