Cubtile, multitouch 3D device


Developed in 2009 by Immersion within the CARE project, the Cubtile is the first multitouch 3D device.

Thanks to its five tactile faces, manipulate intuitively 3D contents becomes easy.

It offers new interaction methods.

Infinite applications for both professionals and the general public

Cubtile is a valuable decision-making support tool for manufacturers that is suitable for use in a wide variety of sectors, from architecture, design and town-planning to marketing and the health sector, among others.

Its applications can also be combined in a number of ways to serve the general public.

Intuitive handling suitable for all audiences

The Cubtile is perfectly-sized for bimanual use and is in fact the first intuitive multi-face and multi-point tactile tool that can be used by anyone.


The new immersive 3D presentation display

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